2524 Penn Ave., Strip District 412-228-7476 Whether you’re a tourist or a born-and-bred Pittsburgher, there’s no better way to see the city than on one…

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Want to do something a little different for the next bachelorette or bachelor party you throw in Pittsburgh?  We have some suggestions.

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IQ Pedals the Party thorugh Lawrenceville | IQ-Inc

The rain did little to dampen the spirits of the IQ team members on the Party Pedaler this past weekend.  We toured through Lawrenceville with stops.....

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100+ Activities & Things to do in PIttsburgh, PA | Active Pittsburgh

Find the best attractions and things to do in Pittsburgh, PA.  Here's a complete list of over 100 activities, sports and places to go in western Pennsylvania...

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10 Outdoor activities you need to experience this summer in Pittsburgh

From parasailing to windsurfing, Pittsburgh's got it.

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Ya Jagoff!!! | YaJagoff Podcast, Episode 28, Pittsburgh Party Pedaler 2

This is part 2 of the night we spent on the Pittsburgh Party Pedaler.  Meet some of the people that went on the bike ride and drank lemonade with us.  While we hit the PAUSE button on the recording and stuff our faces at Pizzaiolo Promo in Market Square, you get to hear our recent …

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Ya Jagoff!!! | YaJagoff Podcast | "Live from the Pittsburgh Party Pedaler"

#YaJagoffPodcast / Episode #026 We grab our recording stuff and go to the Pittsburgh Party Pedaler with a cooler full of ice and “lemonade.” Comedian and “Puck Off” Podcast co-host, Joe Bartnik comes on the ride with Pittsburgh comedians, Andy Picarro, Collin Chamberlin and Matt Light. We’re talking about the time Matt Light took out …

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Pittsburgh Party Pedaler lets the good times roll

The inspiration for Sue Joseph’s business venture literally passed before her eyes during a trip to Minneapolis. “With my sons all grown, I was just trying to figure out what I was going to do and then this bike came around the corner …,” she said with a laugh. So was born the Pittsburgh Party Pedaler, a local tour business with a unique mode of transportation — a bicycle built for 16 whose riders supply the power to make it go. It might be the perfect vehicle for Mayor Bill Peduto’s new Pittsburgh, except it’s too big for bike lanes. The Pedaler looks like a bar on wheels, complete with its own sound system and working tap, though no alcohol is allowed while the bike is on the road. There are six bicycle seats on each side — five of them with pedals — and a bench-like seat for three in

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Pittsburgh's Party Pedaler brings fun along for the ride

What has four wheels, 11 pairs of pedals, blue and gold trim, a Pirate flag and makes people smile?  The answer is the Pittsburgh Party....

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Pittsburgh Party Pedaler allows patrons to work up a thirst

"I heard all this party music, with people laughing.  I saw this bike and I thought, 'I want to ride on that.'"

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Local Company Offers "Party on Wheels" with 16-Person Bike

Pittsburghers wanting to tour the city or have a ride during a trip to the bars on the North Shore can do so in a unique way.

Source: http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2013/08/30/local-company-offers-party-on-wheels-with-16-person-bike/

Partiers Putting Pedal to Metal

The vehicle itself is bound to bring in a few stares — a bicycle built for 16. But filled with pirates, it brought double takes. The Pittsburgh Party Pedaler was out and about Saturday night filled with a group of 16 celebrating Halloween early. Party Pedaler is a company that takes groups of eight to 16 out on tour — a tour in which the guests supply the power. On this special bike built in the Netherlands, each participant has a bike-like seat with pedals and actually does the pedaling as the bike makes its way through parts of the city and some surrounding suburbs — a route chosen by the bikers. The vehicle has a rectangular countertop and a pedal company driver who sits in the middle and does the steering and braking. Music is supplied through a stereo system, and the bike is often

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